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Creating a loving relationship does not come naturally, it’s a learned skill.  You can learn it.  If you want to save your relationship, make it better, or clarify whether to let go with understanding, couples therapy can powerfully help.  I draw upon a 40 year body of scientific research on the skills that create collaboration, trust, love that is real, and desire that endures.  This forms the cornerstone of my approach.

This is empowerment focused couples therapy.  We work together to establish safety and fairness in your relationship.  I’ll help you access and reveal your true needs and desire.  I’ll guide you to become progressively responsive to yourself and your partner, in the ways that count.  I’ll shine new light on your differences, so that their natural complementary power is revealed.  Together you can learn to create mutual fulfillment.  Whether you’re in a straight, curly, or kinky relationship, whether you’re masculine, feminine, or both, the potential for a healthy relationship is hard wired into you.  Steeled for the worst, it’s likely you’ll be relieved and surprised to discover the best.  

Let’s talk about how couples therapy can help you learn the skills to strengthen, deepen, or restore your love.  

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